Thursday, November 24, 2016

Having issues in accessing Hotmail account

Having issues in accessing Hotmail account: Read below for the solutions!!

Hotmail that is provided by Microsoft now a days have become the best email service providers among the people. is the new domain name of Hotmail. Despite, being the best email service providers Hotmail still has several issues that are faced by the users. The most common issue that is faced by the users is the issue of accessing their Hotmail account.

So, if you are unable to access Hotmail account then you should follow the below mentioned steps to fix the issue:

First of all you should scan your device so that the device is protected from virus and malware.

You should also check for host in the device.

You can also install and then reinstall the web browser that you are using.

The web browser should also be updated time to time.

You can just switch the browser from Internet explorer.

The security level should be reduced to medium or low.

The cookies in the browser should be enabled.

The cookies should also be cleared as many times because of the
se log in issues occurs.

You should also clear the caches if the webpage is loading slowly.

You should also turn on the firewalls of the web browser.

Reboot the computer, router or the modem.

Lastly you can reset your Hotmail password if the issue still exist.

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